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Are You located in Springfield, Republic, Willard, Rogersville, Nixa, or Ozark?

Posted on March 26, 2021

Are you located in Springfield, Republic, Willard, Rogersville, Nixa, or Ozark? Then you are in our Service Area! 

Ever wondered how far away you are from a service provider like At Your Service 417? You can see how close we are by clicking the link below that represents the city you live in. Then make sure you call us so that you can receive the best heating and cooling service in the Springfield area!

Republic    Willard    Rogersville    Nixa     Ozark     Springfield - we're already there!

Call us at 417-840-7418 to get five star treatment. We are ready to serve YOU!

Air Conditioning Repair

Posted on April 1, 2020

Summer is almost here. Time for BBQs , fishing, swimming ,camping and just enjoying life in general. But have you considered your air conditioning system and the need to have it serviced each year to maintain your home comfort when you get back from the lake?

Nothing worse than what could have been a simple air conditioning preventive maintenance tune up...turns into a Sunday afternoon sauna you didn't expect.

At Your Service 417 Heating and Air conditioning LLC would love to prevent this from happening to you with an AC tune up that would not only save you from a horrible Sunday service call experience, but would also save on utilities, save wear and tear on HVAC components and increase the life of your AC system.

We will check your electrical components and replace any parts that are weak, check refrigerant levels, clean your condensing coil and if needed clean your evaporator coil and check blower motor to make sure your system is running efficiently for a small fee of $59 plus parts and refrigerant if needed. This offer is also for heat pumps . Efficient heating in winter is very important , so service maintenance on heat pump /Ac should be twice a year.

Furnace repair in Springfield Missouri

Posted on April 1, 2020

Winter is here and when your furnace breaks down, it is a winter you wont forget soon. Furnace repair in Springfield Missouri and surrounding 417 area has never been better! AT Your Service 417 Heating and air focuses on heating repair at affordable prices instead of trying to sell a new furnace on every service call.

If your looking for a new furnace installation, or if your system is really not efficient or too costly to repair, then we offer new furnace installation with prices that just cant be beat. "Common sense solutions for common sense people."

For all your heating and air conditioning repair needs , give us a call.

Air conditioning installation, heat pump repair,service and installation and of course furnace repair and installation servicing Springfield,Republic,Willard,Rogersville,Nixa,Ozark Missouri and surrounding areas

How much does heating repair service cost?

Posted on April 1, 2020

First off let me say this...if your not having your system serviced each year ,then your repair costs can potentially reach several hundred dollars instead of a service call and a tuneup fee.

Inspecting your components and regular cleanings can reduce costs and headaches.

Our heating service tuneups are only $69 for the labor...check wiring and voltage, clean gas orifices..check coil and air flow.. These are just a few things that should be done yearly.

CHECK YOUR FILTERS!! changing filters and keeping them clean with good air flow will save hundreds in potential service calls and increase life expectancy!

For all your furnace repair needs, give us a call and a chance to save you $$

Dont forget to have your air conditioning serviced too!!